Aims and Objectives


To establish a multidisciplinary collaborative project between academics from the UK and Egypt, and increase the visibility and accessibility of twelve forgotten ‘Belle Époque museums by creating physical and virtual itineraries, and grouping the museums into clusters.

To engage, physically and virtually, local communities and tourists with these museums through the development of an itinerary, sign posts, art installations and this interactive website.

To engage students from schools and universities in the creation of a walking itinerary of 3,6 km and a narrative connecting seven of these twelve museums, therefore allowing greater visibility and increasing the number of visitors.

To establish a twinning between the Railways Museums in Cairo and York through this website and their collections. The virtual twinning will allow sharing good practice in education and community engagement as well as cultural exchange.

To co-produce art installations and publicity material for each of these museums by engaging students from schools and universities through workshops, hence facilitating emotional ownership of these museums.

To promote communication and exchange between the twelve museums in Cairo by linking them via a virtual itinerary platform through which they can sustain collaboration in educational and community engagement projects.