BECAMI itinerary first workshop aimed to engage university students in the creation of a walking and virtual itinerary of 3.6 km and a narrative connecting eight of these twelve museums hence allowing a greater visibility and increasing the number of visitors. The choice of the museums was based on two criteria: walking distance not to exceed 3,6 kms ; the architectural and urban environment ( enjoyable walkway, like the Nile). The eight museums selected are clustered in three itineraries, based on their geographical locations within a walking distance.

Two photographic exhibitions have been created in this project and were based on photographs taken by Fine Arts students at Helwan University and the project researcher Dr Eman Abdou. These artistic exhbitions were held in Cairo at the Museum of Fine Arts in November 2016 and at the Museum of Dar el Oma in January 2017. These photographic exhibitions provided an artistic insight into the collections held by the 12 Belle Epoque Cairo museums, hence increasing public awareness about this hidden heritage. This has helped to stimulate change in public perception of these museums and created incentives to visit and engage with them.