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The concept of BECAMI has been developed as an innovative way to reconnect fragments of history represented by each museum, into a comprehensive open-air book that is more legible, visible, accessible and engaging. BECAMI team aimed to work closely with university students to engage them with twelve museums through the production of a physical and virtual itinerary, linking, for the first time, these museums into clusters. The physical itinerary is practical due to the museums location in Cairo within walking distance from three metro stations and a total walking journey of 3.6 km. The museums represent three types of Egyptian cultural heritage: their tangible architectural heritage of high historical significance; their tangible exhibited content; and their intangible heritage linked to socio-economic, cultural and political conditions of the Arab renaissance era. They also signify a neglected side of the memory of the Egyptian nation as depositories of the history of iconic figures, articulated in politics, music and literature, that have shaped the identity of the Arab world.

Map of the walkable itineraries