The BECAMI project has facilitated the establishment of emotional ownership of the Belle Epoque Cairo Museums by university students and school children, by creatively engaging them over a period of one year. It has also increased these museums’ visibility and accessibility through tthe following outputs:

Book marks illustrating each museums
1BECAMI websites, presenting each of the twelve museums and linking them via a virtual itinerary platform of walkable and thematic clusters, hence increasing their visibility and accessibility to the people.
2Co-designed art installations, museum signage and publicity material following workshops, a design competition and photography and architectural exhibitions (see image above).
3Foundations for the virtual twinning of the Egyptian Railway museum and the National Railway museum in York through their exhibits of the early history of railways and steam engines of Robert Stephenson and UK’s introduction of railways to North Africa.
4Co-designed educational games aimed at enhancing the interaction between children and exhibits and encourage curiosity and learning through play.
5Two research paper publications and book manuscript (the latter in progress).

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2017 BECAMI Calendar

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BECAMI poster

BECAMI flyer

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BECAMI Bookmarks

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Conference presentations

Sibley, M. (2017). ‘Belle Epoque Cairo Museums Itineraries: Engaging Students with a Forgotten Heritage’ Presented at the British Council Workshop on Sustainable Built Heritage. Luxor- 23-25 February 2017

Conference proceedings

El Kadi Galila and Sibley Magda (2018). Hidden and Unknown: Twelve ‘Belle Epoque’ Cairo Museums Rediscovered Through Students’ Engagement. Proceedings of the 4th Biennale of Architectural and Urban Restoration BRAU4. Host of Itinerant Congress Hidden Cultural Heritage: Underwater, Underground and Within Buildings. 15-39 April 2018. pp. 445-454- ISBN:978-88-909-1165-1

Booklet (in Arabic)

Elkadi, G; Sibley, M. and Abouelmagd (2019). “Kurasat Mathafiya”. Publication of the International Council of Museums In Egypte: Volume 13- 2019.

To read the ICOM booklet click on the images of the pages above


Elkadi, G; Sibley; M and AbouelMagd, D. (2021). “Belle Epoque Cairo Museums”to be published by the American University of Cairo Press (in progress)