4 Banque Misr Museum

متحف بنك مصر

Photo Gallery

Address151 Muhammad Farid Street, Downtown
Opening hours10:00 am to 1:00 pm, Closed on Friday and Saturday
Date of construction 1927
ArchitectAntonio Lasciac
Architectural StyleEclectic with local decorative elements
Date of Inauguration 25th of May 2011
AffiliationBanque Misr

The museum was inaugurated in 2011, inside the building housing the headquarters of the Banque Misr, the first Egyptian bank. The bank was  founded in 1920  by the Egyptian industrialist Talaat Harb (1867-1941). The museum was introduced  in 2004, as there was a need to present the long history of the Banque Misr. The bank was established in a very important and crucial period in Egypt’s modern history and  has played a major role in the economical and industrial development of the country. It was nationalized in 1960.

Banque Misr Museum holds in its collection numerous publications and photographs made for the bank and its first companies. There is also a rare copy of the book Égypte by the Swiss photographer Fred Boisonnas (1858-1946), commissioned by king Fuad I in 1929. The life of its founder, Talaat Harb is presented along with his actual office, displaying his desk and conference table. His personnel possessions and medals were given to the museum by his family. Among the valuable object a fabric from the cover of al-Kaaba, gifted to Harb by King Abd al-Aziz in 1937.