3 Egyptian Post Museum

متحف البريد المصري

Photo Gallery

Address Ataba square, Central Post Office
Opening Hours8:00 am to 3:00 pm, Closed on Friday and Saturday
Telephone+20 2 2391 0011
Date of construction 1901
Architectural Style Neo-Baroque
Date of Inauguration February 1934
AffiliationMinistry of Communication and Information Technology

The Post Museum was inaugurated in February 1934, during the 10th Postal Union Congress in Cairo, the main international meeting of the Universal Postal Union. The museum opened officially to the public on the 2nd of January 1940.

The museum contains a collection of objects, pictures, and historic documents illustrating the ways in which messages were delivered in Egypt over the centuries. It also presents various historic documents, tracing the development of letters throughout the time, from papyrus, to paper and envelopes. The collection also presents the history of the Egyptian post since its creation in 1886. The museum is divided into 10 sections: 1-historical, 2-postal equipment, 3-stamps, 4-postal buildings, 5-transport, 6-costumes, 7-maps and statistics, 8-air mail, 9-conferences and 10-for foreign mail.