7 Fine Arts Museum

متحف الفنون الجميلة

Photo Gallery

Address5 Muhammad Thaqeb street, Zamalek
Opening Hours9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Closed on Friday
Telephone+20 2 27357570
Date of construction 1891
Architectural Style Neo-Classic
Date of Inauguration 2016
AffiliationHelwan University, Faculty of Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Museum is housed in one of the villa, located in the complex of the Fine Arts Faculty (Helwan University) in Zamalek.  The villa was originally built by Ahmad Abud Pasha (1891 – 1946) to his daughter Muna. In 1935, the school of Fine Arts relocated to the adjacent buildings. Later, and after the revolution of 1952, the Abud villa was annexed to the campus of the Fine Arts, after the State nationalized the pasha’s business and confiscated his properties in Egypt.

In the 1980’s, Dr. Salah Abdel Karim, the Dean of the faculty of Fine Arts, started collecting different art works from the professors of the faculty’s  departments of  sculpture, painting, drawing and graphics. In 2006, the faculty decided to refurbish the villa and organise it to house a proper museum with more than 300 art works, of the Egyptian pioneers of the Modern Arts movements to present time. It displays the work of artists  such as Yusuf Kamil (1891-1971), Hussein Bicar (1913-2002), Hamid Nada (1924 – 1990) and Abdel Hadi al-Gazzar (1925 – 1966).

The museum was inaugurated in May 2016, to present the long artistic history of the faculty, and the many transformations it has witnessed on all social, cultural and political levels and  display the outstanding artistic production of its students and professors.